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Representative’s Bio
Robert Hori
堀 主知 ロバート
Born on 23 August 1965
Kazutomo Robert Hori
1965 - Born in Washington D.C., USA

1989 - Graduate of School of Law, Kansai Gakuin University

1989 - Studied in London, the United Kingdom
University of London: Social Policy and Welfare
City Politech: Marketing Diplomat

1991 - Employed by Hotel Kawakyu
Joined a hotel operation company run by his family members.
Assigned to the sourcing unit of hotel building projects; build a purchasing management system; and engaged in the management of construction materials and processes.

1992 - Assigned to the President office of the company.
Assumed the role in marketing for VIP clients and advertising strategies.
Left the company in the same year.

1992 - Established Sanyu International Network Co., Ltd., and assumed the post of Executive Managing Director.
Established a company limited, by spinning off Hotel Kawakyu Hori Office (Business Unit of Construction Material Import).
After the new hotel was awarded the Togo MURANO Architecture Grand Prize, he started providing architects with consultation service on overseas building technologies, by leveraging the industry’s high evaluation of his efforts as well as his cultivated know-how.

1993 - As a representative of Sanyu International Network, he joined the project to establish EQUISTRO Japan Limited Company.
Introduced Germany’s scientific nutritional management methodology for horse health, that applies the leading-edge exercise physiology; EQUISTRO Japan has become a JRA-certified racehorse nutritional care company, providing consulting and nutritional supplements for stables.
The stables the Company manages swept the top places (1st to 3rd) at the Most Victorious Stable Award, astounding the horse racing industry.

1994 - Representative Director of his founded Paradise Web Company - a paid membership Internet portal
1998 - Established CYBIRD Co., Ltd.; assumed the post of Representative Director.
Resigned from Sanyu International Network and EQUISTRO Japan.

2002 - Named one of “The Stars of Asia 25” by the Asia edition of Business Week magazine.
Selected one of TIME Magazine’s 15 Most Influential Young Leaders.

2005 - Named one of the “237 Global Young Leaders” (10 Japanese named) by the World Economic Forum (WEF), an independent economic research body in Switzerland.

2007 - President and Chief Executive Office of CYBIRD Holdings Co., Ltd.

July 2016 - Assumed the post of Advisor of CYBIRD Holdings (incumbent).

August 2016 - Established Oceans Inc. and assumed the post of Representative Director.
Leisure Activities
Aircrafts, Ultramarathon, Adventure Racing, Wakeboarding, and many other sports
(As of August 2018)
Kazutomo Robert Hori
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