What is KIZUNA Project?
KIZUNA Platform
KIZUNA Project was launched for the purpose of providing solutions for economic issues every performer (athlete / artist) may have.

The Project is led by KIZUNA OU which is based in Estonia.

One of the main goals of KIZUNA Project is to deliver the KIZUNA Platform, which is a global distributed platform customized to provide an interactive network for communications between performers around the world and their fans.

We believe that the delivery of the KIZUNA Platform will assure all performers of legitimate compensation so as to help them focus on their skill improvements and contribute to the maximization of impressive experience with their fans.
KIZUNA Project
It is a project designed to deliver the KIZUNA Platform around the world.

As the first step of the Project, “KIZUNA for Athletes”, an SNS service dedicated to strengthen “kizuna” (bonds) between athletes and fans is ongoing.

On October 17, 2017, we kicked off the service for the Japanese market.

For the “KIZUNA for Athletes” project, an SNS type communication platform is built to enable the whole nation and society to support athletes on the axis of bonds (Kizuna) that can be formed through interactive communications between athletes and fans. It is also expected to provide opportunities for athletes, citizens (fans), and communities (businesses) to realize their respective benefits.
The Features
KIZUNA Project
Ongoing service releases
SNS - “KIZUNA for Athletes” kicked off for connecting sports lovers (“Athletes” and “Fans”). The global version of this application is already available since September 2018.
Major well-known companies approve the Project vision
The vision of KIZUNA Project (for Athletes) is now supported by more than 40 major companies. This amazing fact is motivating us to prepare the Project for a further leap.
A huge expansion of Members expected
With an increasing number of the Project Ambassadors and fans, the KIZUNA Project will continue expanding. Our goal is to achieve 30 million Project Members in Japan and 300 million around the world by 2020.
Are you an athlete or a fan?
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